Preventative Maintenance

Maintain Your Car To Keep It Running Smoothly

Since your standard or luxury import has vastly difference maintenance needs than a domestic car, truck, van or SUV, keep your vehicle running as intended with specialty maintenance services such as:

  • Oil changes
  • Brake system inspections AND ROUTINE REPAIRS
  • Coolant system RADIATORYFLUSHES AND fluid top-off
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The timing belt on engines is one of the most important items on a vehicle. This belt is a cogged belt that connects the crankshaft pulley to the camshaft(s) pulley(s) which in turn move pistons up/down and open/close valves. This function is what allows an engine to breathe and create compression and power. The correlation of all this is imperative and when a timing belt is worn enough to slip or break can sometimes cause catastrophic failure. Sometimes valves hit pistons when this occurs, causing engine damage. All manufactures have a recommended mileage they feel is important to service/replace this belt. On some engines, the timing belt also runs the water pump. The best way to service this belt is to replace all related components such as water pump and associated pulleys.

Expert Brake Service for Complete Stops

Your braking system is one of the most vital and it is important to ensure your car has the ability to stop on a dime. We provide comprehensive service for both drum and disc brakes with services including:

  • Visual brake examination
  • Brake line installation
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Disc brake examination and repair
  • Drum brake diagnostics and repair
  • Brake bleeding

Common Repairs for Both Domestic and Import Vehicles

Al's D&I Repair

Today’s vehicles are different from manufacture to manufacture, but they do have basic similarities as well. They all use engines that are powered by gas or diesel, have transmissions, drivetrain, creature features, brakes, and more. Whether it’s a European import or a Domestic breed, things do wear out and need maintenance or replacing. The best way to know your car is being taken care of to give you many years and miles are to be proactive in its care. All fluids that make a vehicle move eventually wear out. As miles accrue, metal fragmentation occurs causing gear oils to be contaminated with metal particles, reducing their ability to lubricate internal parts.

Engine oil breaks down from combustion and a dirty environment. Brake fluid becomes contaminated from seals wearing out becoming part of the fluid. Basically, the same thing happens with every fluid in a vehicle. Every system that uses a fluid eventually degrades and then contaminates the fluid itself.

The fuel quality today is a far cry from being real gas. The use of oxygenated fuels is causing some problems in our fuel injection systems. The latest design of fuel delivery is “direct injection” which in theory is awesome but the industry is having some real problems with this. An excellent way to prevent fuel system problems is to perform a fuel induction service. All gas engines still have spark plugs and they are normally replaced at 60,000-90,000 miles. Car manufactures are coming up with some incredibly different oil viscosities. It is imperative to stay with the correct oil your car is designed for. Altering from this and using inferior fuel can cause some serious engine problems. 

Al's D&I

The main goal at our shop is to help you by doing the repair your car needs. We know that taking care of the maintenance is critical and we can help make sense of what the maintenance schedules are recommending.

We also stock a wide selection of the most common import repair parts so that when you come to us with a problem, we can swiftly make the repairs you need and have you on your way quickly.